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Homeschooling families can take advantage of many homeschooling freebies and discounts. These offers include savings at local attractions such as museums and science centers, as well as various discount programs at retail stores such as Barnes and Noble and Jo-Ann Crafts. Along with these coupons and savings, homeschoolers can also find free resources on the Internet through educational providers such as Currclick and on blogs that are maintained by other homeschooling parents.

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Types of coupons Store coupons, free downloads, online promo codes
Available from Stores such as Staples, Jo-Ann, and Barnes & Noble
Requirements May need to show legal proof of homeschooling status
Purchase required? Some coupons may require a certain purchase amount.
Expiration date? Some deals are only valid for a limited time.
Author Selena Robinson

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About Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a type of education where parents teach their own children at home, rather than sending them to a public or private school. Some parents use a virtual online school administered through the local school system, while others put together their own curriculum through a variety of books, resources, and learning manipulatives. There are several types of homeschooling methods, including school-at-home, eclectic homeschooling, unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, classical homeschooling, and radical unschooling. Each method uses its own specific teaching techniques to follow a specific style of instruction.[1]

Homeschooling Freebies and Coupons

  • Barnes and Noble allows home educators to sign up for its Educator Discount program. Those who enroll in the program receive an automatic 20 percent discount on all purchases of books, DVDs, toys, and games at the store when they show their Educator Discount card. In order to enroll, parents must show a valid form of identification and the names and grade levels of the children being homeschooled.[2]
  • Homeschooling families are eligible for the Staples Teacher Rewards program. This program entitles members to earn 10 percent in rewards when they purchase educational supplies and printer ink and toner or make copies at Staples stores.[3]
  • Several homeschooling blogs such as "Homeschool Freebie of the Day" offer links to free homeschooling downloads and resources each day. Site visitors can read about each offer and then follow the link to access the free item from their computers.[4]
  • Free homeschooling planner sheets and printables are available from The Homeschool Mom website. This website also features links to other free homeschooling resources, including unit studies and software.[5]
  • features a free homeschooling download each week to customers who sign up for its Weekly Newsletter. Site visitors can enroll by entering their email addresses on the Currclick website.[6]
  • Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts allows homeschooling parents to enroll in its Teacher Rewards program, which offers an automatic 15 percent discount on all in-store purchases. Parents must show proof of homeschooling enrollment in order to enroll.[7]

Jo-Ann Fabrics Coupons

Discounts for purchases at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts, one of the stores that offers a discount program for homeschoolers

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