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Halloween freebies provide consumers with numerous ways to save and receive free items during the month of October and on Halloween. These items may include free Halloween items and decorations, or free food and entertainment for those dressed in costume on Halloween night.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated every October 31, and blends European folk traditions, ancient Celtic practices, and Catholic and Roman religious rituals. Although Halloween is still thought of in terms of a day when the dead can return to earth, it has been evolving since the 19th century into a children's holiday featuring costumes, trick-or-treating, and parades.[1] Other Halloween customs include costume parties, carving pumpkins, and haunted houses.


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Offered by Various venues, manufacturers, restaurants, and merchants
Locations Across the United States
Offers include Free Halloween events, games, discount attractions
Limitations May require purchase of another item or that consumers be dressed in costume
Coupon required? Some offers may require a coupon
Author Allison Hughes

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About Halloween

The origins of Halloween extend back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, which took place on October 31, and marked the last day of the year and the end of the summer harvest. November 1 was the first day of the new year, and the beginning of the cold, dark winter, which many associated with death. The Celts believed that the lines between the living and the dead became blurred the night before the new year began, and Samhain was a time to light bonfires, burn crops, and offer animal sacrifices to the Celtic Gods.[1]

2013 Halloween Free Offers, Coupons, and Discounts

There are a variety of Halloween freebies and coupons available each year, some of them regional. Many of these offers are promoted through local media outlets, including newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. The official website of select stores, restaurants, and attractions often provides information about freebies or special deals being offered as well. In addition, freebie blogs and websites typically promote Halloween freebies throughout the entire month of October.

Some Halloween freebies are only offered on Halloween night, while others are available throughout the month of October or even the year. This includes free Halloween wallpapers, games, and ringtones.[2]

Some of the Halloween freebies being offered in 2013 include:

  • Kraft Foods is offering a free brain mold and 8-page recipe brochure now through October 31, 2013, or while supplies last. This is a $2 value. A $2.95 standard shipping and handling fee is required to receive this freebie. After October 31, the price of the mold will be $2.[3]
  • Websites like Kaboose.com offer consumers free printable Halloween activities such as crossword puzzles, coloring pages, and word searches. They also have a free Spooky Halloween Countdown Calendar.[4]
  • Free Halloween ebooks are available in Amazon's Kindle Store.[5]
  • Amazon.com also offers free Halloween music for shoppers to download.[6]
  • Lego stores offer free Mini Model Builds each month, and on October 1, 2013, the Mini Model Build was a witch. Not only did customers receive instructions on how to make it, but they also got to take it home, all at no cost.[7]
  • Children under 12 in costume are admitted free to the Georgia Aquarium—dubbed the "Georgia A-Scary-Um" for the occasion—from October 31 through November 2 with a paying adult or annual passholder.[8]
  • Coupons are available for a free train ride at the Pumpkin Station in San Diego. Coupons are offered inside local coupon books.[9]
  • Bath and Body Works offers a variety of Halloween/Fall discounts in October. This includes four Anti-Bac Hand Soaps for $15 or 6 Anti-Bac Hand Soaps for $20, a discount of up to $13.[10]
  • Participating comic book stores across the country will be handing out free, Halloween/spooky-themed comics on October 26 and 27 as part of Halloween ComicFest. Consumers can call their local comic book store to find out if they are participating.[11]
  • All kids aged 12 and under receive one free Scary Face Pancake on October 31 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at IHOP.
  • For the politically minded, Huffington Post is offering free downloadable masks bearing the faces of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and other political figures.[12]
  • Blue Mountain is offering free Halloween e-cards to send to friends and family members. Options include funny Halloween e-cards, talking Halloween e-cards, interactive Halloween e-cards, spooky Halloween e-cards and more.[13]
  • Many cities host free events on Halloween or Halloween weekend. For example, Los Angeles residents may attend the West Hollywood Costume Carnaval on October 31 at no cost to participate in what is dubbed "“the largest Halloween street party in the world.”[14]
  • New York residents may attend the free Screamin’ Green Halloween on Sunday, October 27 in lower manhattan. The event will feature eco-friendly games, a parade with a marching band and organic treats.[15]
  • Agame.com is offering free Halloween video games. Options include Avie: Halloween Style, Cute Pumpkin Head and The Halloween Quiz.[16]
  • Mes-English.com is offering free printable Halloween games for teachers, as well as free Halloween flash cards and worksheets.[17]

Halloween Haunted Houses

CBS News reports on high-tech haunted houses

2013 Free Halloween Events

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