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Free MP3 downloads are available from several commercial websites through free trial offers and limited-time offers. Free MP3 downloads are available legally by browsing reputable music websites such as iTunes,, and Other websites offer free MP3s that bands have uploaded for visitors to download. These are typically bands and musicians who are trying to make their music more widespread.

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Offered by,,,
Availability Online
Time restrictions Varies; free trials typically last 14-days
Limitations Some offers may only allows visitors to download a limited number of songs
Coupon required? No
Author Selena Robinson

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About MP3 Downloads

MP3 files are audio recordings that are digitally compressed with the use of advanced mathematical formulas. Since the files are compressed so small, they are easily transferred from one digital device to another in a short period of time. The small size also allows users to place more MP3 files on a single CD than traditional music tracks. MP3 files may also be played on several different programs, including iTunes and Windows Media Player.[1]

Along with downloading MP3s from commercial websites, users may also copy music files from audio CDs to their computers and then convert them into MP3 files.[2] Several websites offer free streaming internet radio such as,, and, but these services do not permit users to download MP3 tracks to their computers for free.[3] [4]

MP3 Downloads Coupons and Free Offers

  • offers free MP3 downloads on its website every day. Users are able to browse the available tracks by searching the "MP3 Downloads" section in the Amazon MP3 Store and then using the "Music By Price" function to narrow their search to free songs. Customers are also able to preview all songs before downloading.[5] Amazon also features a different free MP3 download each day on its Amazon MP3 Player smartphone application.
  • The website offers users a seven-day free trial that allows them to download up to 35 MP3 songs for free. During the free trial, users have the ability to browse’s MP3 library and see if the service is a good fit for them.’s MP3 tracks are available to play on all types of music software.[6]
  • allows new customers to have a free 14-day trial to listen to as many MP3 tracks as they choose. Users who download the Rhapsody application on their smartphones are also able to download free MP3 files to their phones during the free trial.[7]
  • allows consumers to download MP3s at no cost. These MP3s are from bands who upload the music onto the server in order to reach new listeners.[8]
  • The website offers a variety of free MP3 downloads under its "Top Free MP3 Songs" section.[9]
  • extends free MP3 downloads, mostly from artists who have uploaded their music to the website for people to listen to and download.[10]

mp3 Player Overview

Description of how an mp3 player works

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