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One feature that sets iPods apart from older generation music devices is the ability to add applications. Some free iPod apps are available that help increase the device's productivity, serve as a source of entertainment, or compliment the iPod usage.[1] These may be available from individuals or companies that design and develop apps, or from businesses, restaurants, and attractions that want to make the customer's experience easier or more accessible. Although all these offers are offered through Apple's app store, many of the businesses, attractions, stores, and restaurants that offer free iPod apps promote them through their official website.

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Offered by Various App Developers
Locations Apple Apps Store
Apple Support 800-MY-APPLE[2]
Limitations Some free apps may be limited in functionality, or may feature advertisments
Coupon required? No
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iPod Apps Coupons and Free Offers

One way to access free apps is by selecting the "free apps" icon in the Apple iTunes app store. Many apps located for download on the Apple apps store are free of charge, or free to try. Each application's description provides information on how the free app works. For example, some apps are free, but ad sponsored. This means ads will pop up while the app is being used. In some cases, the user will be able to disable the ads by paying a small fee. Other apps may be free, but require users to pay for an "upgrade" license if they want to continue using the program after a specified period of time, or to unlock additional features.

Information on free iPod apps is available in several places. Websites such as and provide listings for free apps.[3] [4] Users also have the option to install the PandoraBox app that will allow users to search for free iPod apps.[5]

Examples of free apps include:

  • Some non-profit organizations, such as the Newseum in Washington, D.C., have apps that provide information for users. The Newseum's free app, "Today's Front Pages," allows users to browse stories from the front pages of hundreds of daily newspapers without paying for a subscription.[6]
  • Some free apps come with additional benefits. For example, Starbucks customers who use the Starbucks Mobile App to reload their Starbucks card may be entitled to special benefits. In March of 2011, for example, app users received $30 of Starbucks credit when they reloaded $25 with their Visa card.
  • Some free apps are able to help in an emergency. For example, the American Red Cross offers a free shelter app for the iPod and iPhone that directs users to the nearest shelter in case of emergency.[7] The "Car Trouble" app helps users diagnose maintenance issues with their vehicle.[8]
  • Some free apps are designed to help users save time. For examples, consumers have the option to download "Beat the Traffic" from the app store for free. This app provides live traffic cam views and displays traffic conditions for several planned routes.[9] Amusement and theme parks like Universal Studios Orlando offer the "Universal Orlando Wait Times Free," which informs consumers about wait times for specific rides at the park.[10] Disney World also offers a version of this app called "Disney World Wait Times Free."[11]
  • Some apps help save users money. The "Happy Hour App" helps users find Happy Hour specials nationwide.[12] The "ATM Hunter" app helps users find ATMs closest to where they are that are also compatible with their local bank, therefore not charging service fees.[13] The "Wi-Fi Finder" app provides information on where the closest free WiFi is to the user's location.[14] People looking for free medications can find available patient assistance programs for their particular medication by using the AssistFund app.[15]

Top 15 Free Applications for iPod Touch

Top 15 Free Applications for iPod Touch

About iPod Apps

iPod apps are software applications designed specifically for the iPod, or iPod touch, portable music device. These applications run the gamut from games to scheduling software. The primary apps categories include entertainment, news, games, calculate, productivity, weather, travel, sports, utilities, search tools, and social networking.[16] The apps available for the iPod are available through Apple's iTunes app store.

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