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While some apps require a fee, free iPhone apps are available in many categories such as games, communication software and productivity enhancements. Some of the applications provide the entire application without restrictions. Some apps don't require a fee, but are are supported by and strategically placed advertisements that may limit the enjoyment of the application. Other apps are more a trial version that feature a limited set of features that can be unlocked by purchasing an upgrade.

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Offered by Multiple companies and individuals
Location Apple Apps Store
Phone number 800-MY-APPLE[1]
Limitations May include ads, or require an upgrade for more features
Coupon required? Usually not
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About Free iPhone Apps

Free iPhone Apps are available every day on the Apple Apps store. Apps are sometimes created by a company as a compliment their products or services. Some applications are created by app companies that make money by developing Apple-related applications. Some apps are offered by individual programmers that are unaffiliated with a company.

Free apps can be found for entertainment, to increase productivity or enhance your iPhone's functionality. While multiple ratings and listings of "top" iPhone apps exist, finding the ones that work best for you can take some trial and error. Use lists as a starting point to help narrow down the best iPhone apps for your needs, but look at the source of the list to ensure an unbiased opinion. The amount of information offered for free apps on the Apple store can be vague or limited. Many times, you will just need to install an app and try it out to see how it performs. You can remove apps easily, so there is no drawback in trying apps. To find out more information prior to installation, search for the developing company's name, the app name or other identifying features for more information.

Free iPhone Apps Coupons and Free Offers

There are many free apps for your iPhone available In fact, there are so many free options it can be hard to narrow down your choices, especially since you are limited by the hard drive space on your phone. Consider starting your search for free appss on technology websites that offer reviews and listings of free apps. One option is CNET.[2] Talk with your friends to find out what apps they are using. The availability and selection of free iPhone apps varies, so talking to your friends can give you a real-time review of your options.[3] Apple also helps you narrow down your free app options by featuring options as editor's picks.

Best Free iPhone Apps List

Best Free iPhone Apps List

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