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Free iPad apps are offered in a wide range of categories from games to productivity enhancements. Some of the free applications offer the full program without any restrictions, while others offer limited features and allow users to unlock more options by making a purchase and upgrading to the full-featured version. Some free applications are ad-supported, and feature strategically placed product advertisements at the beginning, middle, and end of the application function. Users may then be able to pay a small fee to have the ads removed.

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Offered by Multiple companies and individuals
Location Apple Apps Store
Phone number 800-MY-APPLE[1]
Limitations May include ads, or require an upgrade for more features
Coupon required? No
Author Laura Acevedo


About Free iPad Apps

Free iPad Apps are available through the Apple Apps store, with new applications being added daily. The apps may be offered by a retail or service company to compliment their offline products, may be created by companies who specialize in apps, or may be provided by an individual developer. The types of free apps range from games and entertainment to productivity or iPad functionality enhancements. Many lists and suggestions for iPad apps exist on the web, some from more reputable sources than others. The descriptions available on the apps store are often limited, but more information may be available on external websites. Many iPad owners read app reviews before downloading. An iPad has limited space. However, uninstalling apps is fairly simple on the iPad, so consumers are able to test out apps to see if they appeal to them or not and immediately delete them if they do not suit their needs.

Free iPad Apps Coupons and Free Offers

Generally, no coupons are required to download free apps for the iPad. Most of these free applications are accessible by browsing the Apple's iTunes iPad App Store. The store is set up with an entire section devoted to "Free Apps." Consumers can further break down their search by browsing the free iPad App categories or the "Free Apps Charts," which are dedicated to the top free apps at any given time. Some of the categories include Food and Drink, Education, Lifestyle, Books, News, Business, Entertainment, Games, Travel, Finance, Sports, Productivity, Weather, Health and Fitness, and Photo and Video.[2]

Free apps available include some of the following:

  • Epicurious: The free Epicurious app allows users to access an extensive array of recipes. The app also has a feature that aids cooks in putting together a grocery list.[3]
  • Nike+GPS: This free app is designed for runners, and allows users to track their course and provides statistics about their runs.[4]
  • Facebook: The free Facebook app allows users to access their Facebook account from their iPad device.[5]
  • Kindle: Amazon's free Kindle app allows users to access and read books from the Kindle Store.[6]
  • Granimator - This free wallpaper app lets users select backgrounds and spray a variety of shapes on it. Users then have the option to share these wallpapers on Twitter, Flickr, and other Photo apps.[7]
  • Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD - This free music app is a digital piano that offers a dual keyboard setup, and allows users to shift notes and octaves with an arrow. It also has a mirror image setup, allowing two people to play the digital piano at the same time.[8]

Best & Top FREE iPad Apps

Best & Top FREE iPad Apps

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