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Zoo coupons are available online through tourist related websites for select cities and zoos, as well as through the individual zoo's official website. Coupon websites like also offer zoo discounts. Additional savings may be offered for AAA members, military personnel, students, seniors, those visiting in groups, and zoo members.

Zoos feature a variety of animal species from all over the world. Animals one might expect to see at the zoo include monkeys, giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, snakes, and birds.


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Largest U.S. zoo San Diego Zoo
Animals at zoos Elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, bears
Most visited U.S. zoos San Diego Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo, Saint Louis Zoo, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Brookfield Zoo[1]
Limitations Most coupons have an expiration date
Types of coupons Dollars off, percentages off, annual memberships
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Zoo Coupons and Free Offers

  • Tourists can save money at the zoo by visiting with a group. Most zoos offer dollars off ticket prices for groups of 15 or more people when booked in advance.[2]
  • Guests who purchase an annual membership to select zoos can get unlimited free admission all year. Additional benefits include percentages off at the zoo store and concessions, and may include discounts or free admission to more than 100 zoos and aquariums across the country.[3]
  • Social media users can follow select zoos on Facebook and Twitter to find out about the latest discounts and news.
  • Some zoos offer special discounts for military personnel, AAA members, seniors, students, and more. Most zoos discuss these discounts on the ticket or discount section on their official website.[4]
  • Some zoos have a coupon or discount section on their official website. Sometimes the zoo will offer printable coupons there. These coupons are often for dollars off deals.[5]
  • Discount zoo tickets can often be purchased at select locations in the region where the zoo is located. These discounts are usually for dollars off the regular price.[6]
  • Tourist guides, brochures, and magazines for the city or town where the zoo is located occasionally offer coupons for dollars off, percentages off, or buy one, get one free zoo admission.
  • Select Entertainment Coupon Books offer discounts at various zoos.
  • Third party coupon websites like Retail Me Not often have zoo coupons. Savings may include dollars off and percentages off, available as coupon codes for online purchases, or printable coupons.

Columbus Zoo

Giraffes at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

About Zoos

Zoos offer families and individuals a variety of activities to engage in during their visit. In addition to various animal exhibits, many of them themed, zoos may also offer aquariums, rides, daily animal feedings, shows, classes, camps, and much more. Zoos often provide a broad range of services to their guests as well, including first aid stations, ATMs, locker rentals, and wheelchair and stroller rentals.

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