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Free Wordpress themes are available for download on as well as some user-created websites. Themes feature a variety of designs and pictures, including modern art, nature scenes, and computer-generated graphics. Users who download free Wordpress themes can upload them to their blogs or personal websites to create customized looks.

Themes offered for free on Wordpress are Open Source. They are uploaded by users, who in turn can receive user feedback in the forums from those that have downloaded their themes. Uploaded themes are also rated, allowing users to compare their themes to others.[1]

Flickr: denharsh
Offered by[2]
Availability Online only
Support User forums[3]
Available Themes Over 1,400[4]
Limitations The number of themes available for download changes
Author Selena Robinson


About Wordpress Themes

Featured Wordpress themes include:[4]

  • Liquorice: A white background with red title lettering
  • Adventure Journal: A wood-grain background with frames that resemble postcards
  • zBench: A simple theme that does not need a plugin; small images, widgets, threaded comments, and a menu that is customized
  • Coraline: A plain white background with black lettering and a clean layout
  • Twenty Eleven: A modern-looking background with one large image at the top
  • News: A headline-style background modeled after reporting and breaking news websites that is capable of showing video, articles, and image slideshows
  • LightWord: A background offering two or three columns that also provides support for adsense, is widget-ready, and has content that is threaded

Along with images and layouts, themes also feature multiple options for customization. Users can choose the number of columns they want to appear on the page, as well as the types of widgets they display and how many sidebars they want visible. On some themes, advanced programmers can make changes using CSS code.[4]

Before downloading a new theme, users can preview it to see how they like the style and layout of the background. Other websites that feature links to Wordpress themes allow users to demo the themes before downloading.[5] More complex and professional premium Wordpress themes are available for a fee. Users can find answers to questions about installing and customizing free and premium themes in the forums.[6]

Free Wordpress Themes offers more than 1,400 free website themes for download on its website. To browse and customize these official themes, users can visit the Wordpress website and click on the “Extend” heading to access the current theme library. Since themes are uploaded by users, the number of available themes changes regularly.[4]

Users who are interested in browsing other available themes can find free Wordpress themes for download on websites such as[5] Technology websites often compile lists of the best and newest free Wordpress themes along with links to download them.[7][8]

Installing Wordpress Themes

A tutorial about how to install Wordpress themes on your website

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