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Many electronic devices have the ability to access the Internet wirelessly. This includes iPhones and Android phones. At home, connecting Internet devices is accessible through a wireless router. Away from home, however, consumers are likely looking for free WiFi connections to check their e-mail, surf the web, and even watch videos. Knowing how and where to find free WiFi connections allows consumers to better utilize their e-reader, laptop, iPad, or other device.

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Offered by Libraries, coffee shops, restaurants
Locations Varies
How to locate Directories, window signs, software detectors
Limitations Some may require a minimum food purchase
Coupon required? No
Author Laura Acevedo


About Free WiFi

Free WiFi is by definition without charge. Depending on the location, some free WiFi does require making a minimum purchase, especially if it is offered at a coffee shop, restaurant, or other service-oriented business. Free wireless Internet is often referred to as a "hotspot."

While free WiFi offers consumers additional locations to work, complete schoolwork, or enjoy entertainment, it does come with added risks. This means that consumers using free WiFi may want to ensure that their electronic devices are up to date with the latest security software and patches prior to connecting to a free WiFi spot. Many free WiFi spots will alert users to the possibility of a server that is not secure. This usually happens when a user is connecting to an individual's WiFi service rather than a place of business.

Free WiFi Options and Locations

  • Many public libraries offer free WiFi services to consumers. The connection may be isolated to one part of the library, or may encompass the entire facility.
  • Restaurants are another source of free WiFi services. McDonalds, sandwich shops like Panera Bread, and coffee shops like Starbucks all are sources for free WiFi connections.[1] Some of these locations may not have a minimum purchase requirement, but others may require user to make a purchase to use their Internet service.
  • Another source for free WiFi include hotels. Although some hotels may require guests to pay an additional fee for the service, most hotels offer complimentary WiFi to guests. This will usually require a password, available from the reservation desk. However, some hotels do not secure their service, which allows anyone to access the free WiFi service without a password (guests will need to be within the access area in order to use the free service).
  • Many hospitals offer patients and hospital visitors free WiFi.[2]
  • Colleges and universities may offer free WiFi services to students throughout the campus.
  • Some online directories offer listings of free hot spots. These directories are free, but they may not be up to date.[3] [4]
  • Net scanners are software utilities that help search out potential free WiFi spots. A free option that is highly regarded is InSIDDer 2.[5]
  • Some cell phone packages may include WiFi access without an additional charge.

Free Wifi Hotspots

Free Wifi Hotspots

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