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Turkey coupons help save consumers money on a variety of turkey brands throughout the year. Additional discounts and promotional offers may also become available during the months of November and December, just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.[1] Savings include dollars off discounts and buy one, get one free deals, and are available online or inside weekly ad circulars for local grocery stores.


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Manufacturer Turkey brands like Butterball and Boar's Head, as well as various supermarkets
Sold at Grocery stores, retailers
Phone 800-523-4635 (Hormel), 866-587-5858 (Applegate), 800-352-6277 (Boar's Head), 800-288-8372 (Butterball)
Competitors Butterball, Boar's Head, Hormel
Typical coupon value $.50 to $3.00
Types of coupons Printable coupons
Author Allison Hughes

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Turkey Coupons and Free Offers

  • Coupons for different turkey brands are accessible through brands' official websites. For example:
    • Coupons and discount offers for brands like Butterball turkey are available online as printable coupons under the "Promotions" section of their official website. Offers include up to $5 off select products[2]
    • Coupons for vegetarian turkey are available on the official Tofurky website when consumers sign up to receive the brand's free online newsletter.[3]
    • Boar's Head operates a free newsletter through its official website, notifying subscribers of special promotional offers and deals for turkey products.[4]
    • Hillshire Farm has an "Offers" section on its official website, publishing printable coupons when available. These may include discounts for the company's various turkey products, including their deli meats.[5]
    • Hormel's official website posts a "Coupons and Promotions" section, providing consumers with printable coupons and offers for select Hormel products, including turkey.[6]
  • Applegate offers a printable coupon for $1 off any of its products, including turkey. This offer is accessible through the official Applegate website once customers sign up for the brand's free online newsletter.[7]
  • Stores like HoneyBaked Ham issue printable coupons for both their ham and their turkeys. These coupons are accessible on the store's official website under the "Store Coupons" section. The turkey coupon is good for $3 off a smoked or roasted turkey breast.[8]
  • Free coupons and discount offers may be available exclusively to friends and followers of turkey brands on Facebook and Twitter, including Boar's Head and Butterball. Boar's Head offers access to free recipe ideas on its Facebook page, for example.[9]

Grocery Store Turkey Coupons

  • Coupons for turkeys are also available inside weekly ad circulars for grocery stores. These include stores like Ralphs, Publix, Vons, Randalls, IGA, and Kroger. These stores may also offer printable turkey coupons on their official websites. For example, Kroger occasionally offers printable coupons for cents off Oscar Mayer cold cuts, including turkey breast, under its "Coupons" section.[10]
  • Some grocery stores, such as Shaws, offer coupons for free turkeys to customers who have spent a certain amount on groceries in October and November. These offers usually require register tapes to be saved and exchanged for the free turkey coupon.
  • Fred Meyer stores are featuring a free turkey coupon for shoppers who purchase at least $150 in groceries. Those who purchase at least $100 worth of groceries can buy a turkey for just 49 cents per pound, while those who purchase $50 in groceries may purchase a turkey for just 69 cents per pound. Customers must present a printable coupon to redeem the offer.[11]
  • As part of its 2013 Thanksgiving sale, Target supermarkets featured Butterball turkeys on sale for just 99 cents per pound.[12]

Turkey Carving 101

H to carve a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas

About Turkey

Turkeys are frequently served as an American tradition during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and are often considered a healthier, leaner substitute for red meat. Turkeys were first introduced to the Pilgrims by the Native Americans in 1620, and have continued to be associated with Thanksgiving, even earning Thanksgiving the nickname "Turkey Day" in 1916.[13] There are a variety of turkey brands available for purchase, including but not limited to Butterball, Boar's Head, Hormel, Hillshire Farms, and Applegate.

In addition to birds, vegetarian turkey is an option for those who do not consume meat. Tofurky is one brand that offers vegetarian turkey, and sells deli slices as well as whole "birds" for holidays or other meals.[14]


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