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Free tampon samples allow women to try out different tampon brands to determine the most effective product before spending money for an entire supply. Free samples are offered by numerous tampon brands and are available directly from the brand's website. Free samples may also be available through retail stores like Target and Walmart, or through a patient's gynecologist.

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Brands offering samples Tampax, Playtex, Kotex, O.B., etc.
Types of product samples Regular tampons, super flow tampons, super plus flow, slender tampons, etc.
Time restrictions 4-12 weeks
Limitations Most offers allow consumers one free sample of each product per household, and are available for a limited time
Coupon required? No
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About Tampons

Although more primitive forms of the tampon were used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the modern tampon and applicator were not invented until 1929.[1] Today, there are numerous sizes and types of tampons available to women, including brands like:[2]

  • Tampax
  • Kotex
  • O.B.
  • Playtex
  • Puristics

Tampons are used to absorb a woman's menstrual flow, and are available in numerous types of absorbancy that include regular, super, and super plus.[3] A female's menstrual cycle may last anywhere from two to seven days, but typically lasts five days. During this time, different types of absorbancy may be needed.[4]

Tampon Samples, Free Offers, and Coupons

  • The official website or Facebook page of numerous tampon brands sometimes offer free samples to women. Some of these samples may not be advertised. In such cases, women may be able to inquire directly from the manufacturer. For example:
    • Tampax offers free samples and coupons under the "Coupons and Samples" section on its official website. Different types of Tampax tampons are available to sample at various times throughout the year. In order to get the free sample, customers will need to sign up for P&G Everyday, offered through Proctor and Gamble.[5]
    • O.B. tampon offers coupons and samples through the "Samples and Offers" section on its official website. In order to access some of these offers, consumers may be directed to the brand's Facebook page.[6] [7]
    • Brands like Kotex offer free tampon sample packs at various times throughout the year. These are available to customers who sign up for the free Kotex newsletter. When free samples are not available, subscribers will still receive Kotex news and special offers by e-mail.[8]
    • Playtex provides information on free tampons and other special offers and discounts through the "Special Offers" section on its official website. In October of 2011, for example, Playtex offered its new Sports tampon for free to consumers who filled out a form at In addition, Playtex offers coupons for $1 off select tampon products.[9]
    • Puristics offers coupons to customers under the "Coupon Offers" section on its official website. Offers include $1 and $2 discounts on select products.[10]
  • Women may be able to get free tampons from their gynecologist, as well as healthcare facilities like Planned Parenthood.
  • Stores like Walmart and Target offers free tampon samples at various times throughout the year their official samples websites.

Tampax Commercial

Tampax Commercial

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