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Customers who purchase office supplies and office equipment at Staples can use free to save on their next trip to the store. Coupons and discounts offered by Staples include free shipping, deals on select items each week, percentages off special services, and printable coupons for use on the company website and in retail stores.


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Offered by Staples
Locations Over 1,800 in the U.S. and Canada[1]
Phone number (800)782-7537[2]
Types of coupons Printable coupons, online codes, discounts off services
Limitations Varies
Author Selena Robinson

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Staples' $10 Off Coupon


About Staples

Staples advertises itself as the “world’s largest office products company”. The company was originally established in 1986. It has since grown to employ over 90,000 people around the world and to operate in 26 different countries. Each year, Staples sells over $25 billion in office supplies and goods.[3] In the United States and Canada alone, Staples operates 1,872 retail locations.[1] The company’s headquarters are located near the city of Boston, Massachusetts.[3]

Staples Coupons, Codes, and Free Offers

  • iPhone and Android users who have the Staples App will receive a coupon every time they use the app to check in at Staples. The coupon can be used the same day.
  • Staples receipts occasionally have coupons good for $5 off a $25 purchase.
  • Staples publishes a new advertisement in its stores and on its website each week. This ad features specially-priced items, discount promotions, and occasionally, coupons that can be redeemed for dollars off select purchases. Online shoppers can view the weekly ad by visiting the website and selecting the link “Weekly Ad”.[4]
  • Occasionally, Staples offers limited-time rebates on some of its items. Any current rebate deals will be advertised on the company’s homepage.[2] Shoppers can view the specific terms and conditions of available rebates on the website.[5]
  • Each week, Staples presents its “Featured Weekly Deals” – specific items that are deeply discounted in stores and online. These deals may include reduced prices, BOGO deals, and percentage off discounts.[6]
  • Shoppers can order a free Staples catalog by requesting one from These catalogs include the company’s annual Buying Guide, an office furniture catalog, and an Office Essentials catalog.[7]
  • Staples also sends an email newsletter to customers who sign up to receive promotional offers and news. The newsletter occasionally includes store coupons and information about upcoming deals.[8]
  • Frequent customers can save even more by joining the Staples Rewards program. This savings club has no membership fee and grants shoppers 10 percent back on purchases of printer ink and toner, cases of paper, and Copy & Print services. Rewards members also get $2 back for each ink cartridge they recycle at Staples stores.[9]

Staples School Supplies Commercial

Commercial for Staples’ Back to School campaign

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