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Free Singulair, in the form of Singulair samples, coupons, and patient assistance programs provide free and discounted Singulair medication to asthma and allergy patients. These discounts help consumers who wish to try the medication to determine its effectiveness, as well as those who use Singulair and are looking for ways to save on their next prescription. Free samples may be available through a patient's doctor or healthcare provider. Also, patients may be able to save on Singulair through certain prescription savings cards. Individuals who meet low income thresholds may be able to receive free or low-cost Singular prescriptions through patient assistance programs.


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Offered by Merck, healthcare providers, local pharmacies, etc.[1]
Types of free offers Free samples, patient assistance programs, pharmacy drug cards
Where to find free offers Through a patient's doctor, local pharmacies, the official Merck website
Phone number 800-727-5400[2]
Limitations Certain offers require that patients not have prescription drug coverage
Disclaimer The information provided by Best Free Stuff Guide is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Do not take any action based on the information on this page without consulting a physician.
Author Allison Hughes

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Singulair Samples, Coupons, Patient Assistance Programs and Free Offers

  • Free Singulair samples may be available through a patient's doctor, and allows patients who are interested in trying out the drug for the first time to determine its effectiveness free of charge. If a patient's doctor does not have Singulair on hand, they may be able to order the medication for their patients by filling out a form on the official Merck website.[3]
  • Merck patient assistance programs help eligible patients obtain their Singulair prescription at no cost. The main program provides free Singulair for up to a year for qualified patients. In order to qualify, patients must be a U.S. resident, not have presciption drug coverage, and meet income guidelines. Patients cannot earn more than $43,320 a year for individuals, $58,280 for couples, or $88,200 for a family of four.[4] [5]
  • Singulair coupons may also help patients save dollars off their prescription Singulair costs. Coupons may be available through a patient's doctor, on the official Singulair website, through local pharmacies, or inside national medical or healthcare magazines.

Singulair (montelukast) : Know Your Drug

Singulair is commonly prescribed to prevent asthma, exersize induced bronchospasms and seasonal allergies

About Singulair

Singulair is the brand name for montelukast, a leukotriene inhibitor that helps to prevent the action of the substances in the body that cause the swelling of the lungs and tightening of the muscles around a person's airways. Singulair was approved by the FDA in 1998.[6]

Singulair is a prescription medication manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Merck, and is used to help control asthma symptoms, but is not a rescue medication. It can be used to help prevent asthma attacks and to help treat seasonal allergies.[7] The drug may be prescribed to children over 12 months of age to help control asthma attacks, or over 2 for the relief of allergy symptoms.[8]

Singulair is available in tablet, granule, and chewable tablet form, and is typically administered once daily, with or without a meal. Like many medications, Singulair may cause side effects. Common Singulair side effects include headche, fatigue, heartburn, and pains in the stomach. Serious side effects may also occur. Patients taking Singulair may monitored for these potentially serious adverse reactions, including behavior changes, depression, difficulty sleeping, rash, symptoms mirroring the flu, and problems swallowing.[9]

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