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Free dog food and cat food samples from Purina provide consumers with savings on their next pet food purchase. The samples are designed to allow pet owners to try out select foods on their dogs and cats. This allows consumers to find the best nutrition options for their animals.

Purina is a brand of pet food for both dogs and cats, and has been a leading provider of pet food for over 75 years.[1] Free Purina samples may be available to consumers through local pet stores, veterinarians, or online through the official Purina website.

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Offered by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company
Location Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, MO 63164
Phone number 800-778-7462
Limitations One sample of each product per household, limited time only
Coupon required? No
Types of free samples Dog food, cat food, etc.
Author Allison Hughes


About Purina

Purina dog food and cat food is provided by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nestle company. The company has been providing pet food to consumers for over 75 years.[2] Purina offers a variety of cat and dog food products for senior dogs and cats, adult dogs and cats, and puppies and kittens. These Purina dog and cat food brands include, but are not limited to:[3] [4]

Cat Foods

  • Purina One
  • Friskies
  • Fancy Feast
  • Cat Chow
  • Deli Cat
  • Kit & Kaboodle

Dog Foods

  • Purina One
  • Purina Pro Plan
  • Alpo
  • Beneful
  • Dog Chow
  • Mighty Dog

Purina Samples and Free Offers

  • Veterinarians occasionally provide consumers with free samples of pet food products like Purina. These samples may be available upon request. If the vet does not have any in stock, they may be able to order them directly from Purina.
  • Free samples of Purina may occasionally be available at select pet stores like Petco or Petsmart. These pet stores may provide customers with the samples upon request.
  • Third party sample websites and blogs may sometimes provide access to free Purina samples.
  • Purina One samples are sometimes available from retail stores like Walmart. Information on available Purina samples are accessible through the store's official sampling website.[5]
  • Sam's Club provides members with free samples of Purina products at various times throughout the year. The official Sam's Club Start Sampling website allows consumers to order the samples directly, when available. Consumers will be asked to enter their Sam's Club number in order to request the sample.[6]
  • The Coupons and Offers section on the official Purina website publishes information on savings opportunities for customers on select Purina prodcts. Most offers are for dollars off coupons and BOGO deals. Coupons must be requested by e-mail.[7]
  • The free Purina newsletter notifies subscribers of product news, free sample offers, and coupons.[8]
  • The Purina Facebook page provides fans with exclusive offers, discounts, and free product samples.[9]

Purina Cat Food Samples

This video shows a cat devouring a sample from Purina.

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