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Free Proctor and Gamble samples are available throughout the year on the official P&G Everyday Solutions website. Samples are available to members only, and include a variety of household products, medicines, pet food, and cleaning products. Membership is free.[1] Free samples of Proctor and Gamble products are sometimes offered through retail stores as well, including Walmart and Target.


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Offered by Proctor and Gamble[1]
Types of product samples Pet food, household products, toiletries, medicine[1]
Phone number 800-332-7787[2]
Limitations Most samples are only available for a limited time, and limited to one of each product per household
Coupon required? No
Author Allison Hughes

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Proctor and Gamble Samples and Coupons

  • Proctor and Gamble offers customers free membership to the "P&G Everyday" newsletter. Membership includes access to Proctor and Gamble's free samples and coupon offers, as well as the free e-mail newsletter with new product updates and special offers. Consumers are able to sign up through the official Proctor and Gamble P&G Everyday website by filling out a short form at F
  • Free product samples of a variety of Proctor and Gamble items are offered at varying times throughout the year. This includes, but is not limited to:[3]
    • Tide
    • Prilosec OTC
    • Febreeze
    • Metamucil
    • Scope
    • Crest

Information on which products are offering samples are available inside the newsletter, as well as the official websites of the products offering the free samples.

  • Proctor and Gamble product samples may also be available through other sample websites and stores, including Sam's Club, but consumers may still need to be members of P&G Everyday Solutions to receive the samples. Walmart also offers free samples of Proctor and Gamble products like Crest through its official "In Stores Now" website.[4]
  • The Facebook page of Proctor and Gamble products, including Tide, occasionally offer fans free offers and discounts beyond P&G Everyday offers. These include free shipping offers.[5]
  • Proctor and Gamble samples are occasionally offered to registered members of Vocalpoint, an online community that P&G uses to gather feedback on new products. For example, in March 2011, they offered free samples of Kellogg's Mini Wheats with a Touch of Fruit to members. Registration for Vocalpoint is free.[6]
  • Customers may also able to get Proctor and Gamble brands like Pampers from a doctor or hospital, as these places often provide free diaper samples to consumers.

Free Product Samples from P&G

Information on free P&G samples

About Proctor and Gamble

Proctor and Gamble sells on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PG. Some of the company's billion dollar brands include Olay, Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Wella, and SK-II, all of which account for 22 percent of the Proctor and Gamble's 2012 net earnings, and brands like Charmin, Bounty, Crest, Vicks, Pampers, Duracell, and Dawn.[7]

Proctor and Gamble was started in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. Proctor was an Englishman, and Gamble hailed from Ireland. The two were both headed west around the same time when circumstances forced each of them to settle in Cincinnati, Ohio. Proctor established himself as a candlemaker, and Gamble as a soap maker. The two men married sisters, and were convinced by their father-in-law to become business partners. Today, Proctor and Gamble is one of the leading consumer products companies.[8] Popular P&G brands include Crest, Iams, Febreeze, Charmin, Dawn, Metamucil, Vicks, Pringles, CoverGirl, Pantene, etc. [9] Template:CJ

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