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There are many opportunities for consumers to access free and discounted popcorn throughout the year, including free popcorn samples, free movie popcorn from theaters like AMC, and discount popcorn coupons to apply towards select microwavable popcorn brands. Consumers may also have access to free popcorn in celebration National Popcorn Day every January 19th.[1]

There are a variety of popcorn flavors and brands available to consumers. While many brands specialize in select flavors, stores like The Popcorn Factory sell many different types, including caramel, cheese, buffalo ranch, peanut brittle, cinnamon, toasted coconut, cranberry, s'mores, jalapeno, and sour green apple.[2]

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Offered by AMC theaters, popcorn brands, grocery stores
Types of free popcorn Free samples, free promotional popcorn, discount coupons
Types of coupons Dollars off, buy one, get one free
Limitations Most samples, coupons, and free offers are available for a limited time only
Coupon required? Varies
National Popcorn Day January 19
Author Allison Hughes

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Popcorn Free Offers, Samples, and Coupons

Movie Popcorn

  • AMC theaters offers members of its "Stubs" program $10 to apply towards any theater item, including popcorn, for every 100 points they earn. The annual cost to join the program is $12. Participants earn points on every purchase at the movie theater chain after enrolling. This includes points on movie tickets and concessions.[3] AMC sometimes offers free popcorn coupons at select times during the year. For example, during tax day weekend the theater offered a free small popcorn coupon.[4]

Popcorn Samples

  • Stores like Costco offer free popcorn samples of select brands in-store. This includes G.H. Cretors Popcorn Chicago Mix, which includes cheese and caramel popcorn together.
  • Some stores offer contests and sweepstakes for a chance to win free popcorn. For example, Popcorn Indiana sponsors a contest where entrants tell the store a love story for a chance to win a free case of any Popcorn, Indiana popcorn.[5]
  • Customers have the option to order free samples directly from the official website of select popcorn brands or popcorn stores. For example:
    • The Popcorn Zone offers wholesalers and fundraisers three free 4-ounce sampler bags after they fill out a short form. The only cost customers pay is the $11.95 for shipping.[6]
    • West Coast Concessions offers a sampler pack of popcorn for $24.95. This includes free shipping and two free samples of caramel glaze pop pouches.[7]

Popcorn Coupons

  • Free popcorn coupons and discounts may also be included inside popcorn boxes and packages. Examples of offers printed on packaging include an Orville Redenbacher offer for free soda, two free Redbox Rentals, and $1 off Orville Redenbacher's Poppycock.[8]
  • Coupons for Popcorn are sometimes available in printable form from the popcorn brand's official website or the popcorn store's official website. For example:
    • Jolly Time offers printable coupons for $1 off any two boxes of select flavors and $.35 off any one box of select flavors.[9]
    • Rocky Mountain Popcorn offers a coupon code for 10 percent off any online product purchase.[10]
    • Brooklyn Popcorn offers coupons on its main page that include deals like 20 percent off an entire online order.[11]
  • Regal Cinemas offers coupons for $2 off select popcorn purchases in numerous Entertainment Coupon Books, which are available to purchase through the coupon book's official website.

About Popcorn

Most historical accounts place the origin of popcorn in the 16th century. The food was associated with the Aztec Indians, who used popcorn as an integral part of their ceremonies. However, popcorn ears found in a New Mexico bat cave in 1948 and 1950 are believed to date back 4,000 years.[12]

In addition to becoming a movie-going snack, popcorn has evolved over the years from traditional popping corn to microwavable popcorn. Flavored popcorn has also gained fame, while traditional kettle corn remains a snack at carnivals, festivals, and farmers' markets.

Popcorn Information

Learn about popcorn, including early uses for popcorn.

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