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Museum coupons can save museum visitors dollars off the admission price, making the experience more affordable for both individuals and families.

Coupons for museums can be found online through third-party coupon websites like, through promotional brochures, and occasionally on the museum's official website. Select Entertainment Coupon Books may also offer discount coupons for a museum. In addition, discount tickets are often available for people visiting museums in large groups, for military personnel, seniors, students, and teachers. Hotel, restaurant, and museum combination package deals may also sometimes be available.

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Number of U.S. Museums Over 17,500[1]
Annual attendance Over 850 million[1]
Types of museums Science, history, art, children's museums, technology
Top U.S. museums Smithsonian, Metropolitan Museum of Art[2]
Types of coupons Dollars off, percentages off
Author Allison Hughes

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Where to Find Museum Coupons

How to get Museum coupons

About Museums

Every year, more than 850 million people visit the more than 17,500 museums in the United States. According to one former Metropolitan Museum of Art director, "museums are the memory of mankind."[1]

For some people museums are a source of entertainment, while for others they provide a wealth of education. There are many types of museums available to the public, including children's museums, science museums, history museums, art museums, and technology museums.

Museum Coupons and Free Offers

  • Most libraries have free passes to local museums.
  • An annual museum membership includes free admission all year. Other member perks may include discounts at the museum store and cafe, as well as free parking.[3]
  • Many coupons and special deals are offered to Facebook followers and Twitter fans before being offered to the general public.
  • Many museums provide visitors with dollars-off printable coupons, which can be downloaded from the main website.
  • Coupons may also be sent by e-mail to visitors when they sign up for the museum's free online newsletter.
  • Many Entertainment Coupon Books will offer museum 2-for-1 coupons, percentages off admission, or dollars off deals. These savings books must first be purchased for a fee, but if they are used often enough they will pay for themselves or ultimately result in savings.
  • Most museums offer dollars-off deals to those visiting the museum with groups of 15 or more people.
  • Some museums offer additional dollars or percentages-off deals to military personnel, AAA members, seniors, students, and teachers.
  • Some museums have teamed with Target for the Target Free Events program, offering free or discounted admission on certain days.
  • Bank of America cardholders get free admission to select museums on the first weekend of each month through theMuseums on Us program.

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