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Free makeup samples are provided by numerous makeup brands to introduce consumers to new products or as a way to reach out to new customers. Promotional samples may be offered at the cosmetics counter at select department stores, or online through the makeup brand's official website. Makeup samples may also be available from online beauty magazines, or companies like Proctor and Gamble that offer consumer product lines for makeup brands like Covergirl.

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Offered by Various makeup companies
Locations Official website, department stores, sample websites
Phone number Customer service numbers are available on select makeup brand's official websites
Limitations Consumers may be limited to the number of samples they are able to request
Coupon required? No
Author Allison Hughes


About Makeup

There are numerous types of makeup products available to consumers, including mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, moisturizer, blush, base, and powder. In addition to the types of makeup, there are also a variety of brands available to choose from. Some brands are only offered at department stores, while others are available in grocery stores and pharmacies as well. Makeup brands include, but are not limited to:[1]

  • Lancôme
  • Revlon
  • L'Oreal
  • Maybelline
  • Avon
  • Estee Lauder
  • Aveda
  • Covergirl
  • MAC
  • Clinique
  • Chanel
  • Mary Kay
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Christian Dior

Makeup Samples and Free Offers

  • The official website of select makeup brands sometimes offer free samples directly from their website. For example:
    • Estee Lauder invites consumers to select four different samples from the "Special Offers" section on their site.[2]
    • Signature Minerals also offers free samples of their products through their website. Only one sample is available per order.[3]
    • Smashbox Cosmetics also provides consumers with free samples through their official website. In addition, members of the brand's free "Pretty Points" rewards program receive access to deluxe samples.[4]
    • Bobbi Brown offers complimentary samples through their official website, including face cream and moisturizing samples.[5]
  • Department stores may also offer free makeup samples for select products. Some of these samples are offered free when customers purchase over a specific amount. However, sometimes free samples are offered exclusively to consumers as part of a promotional deal. Makeup brands like Lancome, for example, have given out free samples this way.
  • Stores like Sephora also provide customers with free samples. These samples are available upon request through the official website for brands like Hugo Boss, Versace, and Gucci.[6]
  • Free samples may also be available through certain drug stores or grocery stores that sell the product. This includes stores like Walmart and Target. Stores like Target, for example, offer free samples both in-store and through their website. Freebies through the website may take anywhere from 4-12 weeks for delivery once consumers have requested the samples.[7]
  • The official website of magazines like Allure offer a free sample section, which includes free makeup samples as well as free shampoo and other beauty-related product samples.[8]
  • Companies like Proctor and Gamble often offer free samples of their products, including makeup related items from brands like Covergirl and Olay.[9] In order to access free samples and coupons of Proctor and Gamble products, consumers must first sign up for the free P&GbrandSAMPLER from the official P&G Everyday Solutions website. This will give them access to a variety of freebies, samples, and coupons for makeup products from Covergirl, as well as samples for other assorted beauty and household products.[10]

Where to Get Free Makeup Samples

This video provides information on how to get free makeup samples online.

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