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Little Caesars pizza chain regularly offers specials, discounts and coupons that lower the price of pizza, breadsticks and more. These Little Caesar's coupons can help diners save some cash when the pizza craving hits. In addition to coupons, Little Caesars often has cheap pizza specials and a low-price menu that is generally more affordable than competing chains. Some locations sell their "Hot-N-Ready" large pizzas for as little as $5 each.

Pizza coupons for Little Caesars are regularly posted on the chain's main website in printable form. However, local coupons are not always offered there. Little Caesars is a franchise operation, and regional restaurants may print their own coupons that are only valid at specific locations.

Crazy bread sauce.jpg
Founded 1959
Headquarters Detroit
Phone number 800-722-3727[1]
Features Value-priced pizza and take-away, pre-made pizza offers
Types of coupons Free items, pizza discounts
Author Laura Acevedo


About Little Caesars

Little Caesars is one of the leading budget pizza chains in the United States.[2] The restaurant is known for their "Hot-N-Ready" pizzas, which are available for immediate purchase. Nationally, the pepperoni pizza is always available to pick up and go without calling ahead. Regionally, other Hot-N-Ready pizza offers can include cheese pizzas, the Ultimate Supreme, 3 Meat Treat or the Hula Hawaiian. Those prefer a custom-made pizza can call in orders and customize pizzas with a range of toppings including green peppers, sausage, beef, green olives, pineapple, jalapeño peppers, bacon and more. Side dishes include Crazy Bread, cheese bread and dips.[3]

Customers will not find gourmet toppings or fancy ingredients on the Little Caesars menu. Basic pizza and breadsticks are the cornerstone of the chain. Low prices makes them popular for families and group occasions. Sporting events, children's parties and family gatherings can be more economical by opting for Little Caesars Pizza.

Little Caesars Coupons

  • Little Caesars is offering a "Crazy Combo" coupon for all participating locations nationwide. With the coupon, customers can get an order of Crazy Bread and a side of Crazy Dipping Sauce for $1.99.[4]
  • Website- Site visitors can click on the Coupon button located on the right side of the main Little Caesars page. This will open up a current coupon offer, often a low-cost combo deal.[5]
  • Sometimes coupons are posted for individual Little Caesars locations via the chain's main website. Guests can go to the Locator icon at the top left of the home page, and then find their closest locations. Once a location is selected, a printable coupon may appear to the left of the map graphic.[6]
  • Mail and newspaper- Consumers can look for coupon inserts in the mail and newspapers. The chain often puts multiple coupons on one promotional page. Coupons may specify specific menu items, and can be combo deals or simply dollars-off deals.
  • Facebook- Social media users can "Like" the chain on Facebook for exclusive deals and product updates.[7]
  • Twitter- Twitter users can follow Little Caesars' Twitter feed for up-to-date offers and announcements.[8]

Little Caesars Pizza Commercial

Little Caesars Pizza commercial from 1995

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