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Free Kindle books are occasionally available to consumers who have an Amazon Kindle. Free Kindle books are sometimes available from, the company that sells the Kindle. They have previously made free Kindle books available for customers to purchase directly from their account. Some blogs and third-party websites may also offer information about free Kindle downloads.

There are several types of Kindle readers available, including the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G, the Kindle Fire HD, and the Kindle Paperwhite. Prices typically range from $119 to $499.[1]


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Offered by
Locations Online retailers
Phone number 206-266-2171[2]
Limitations May only be good for a limited time
Coupon required? No
Author Selena Robinson

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About Kindle Books

Kindle books are electronic publications available for the Amazon Kindle e-reader device. These books may be full-length novels that have been converted to e-publications or short novellas called "Kindle singles" that are offered for a lower price. Kindle books are offered in several book genres, including Mystery, Nonfiction, Self-Help, Romance, Horror, Science Fiction, and Biography.[3]

Shoppers who enjoy reading best-sellers have the option to browse the Amazon Kindle eBook Store to learn about the titles on the New York Times Best-Seller list, as well as top selling books according to customers.[3]

Kindle Books Coupons and Free Offers

  • offers free Kindle books on its website everyday for customers. These titles may vary from day to day, as some publishers temporarily offer books for free to attract new readers.[4]
    • Shoppers can find free Kindle books by visiting’s Kindle home page and selecting the "Top 100" link. This page shows both the Top 100 Paid Kindle books and the Top 100 Free Kindle books. Customers are able to select each title to read more about the story, the author, and the opinions of other customers. All of the titles on the Top 100 Free list are free for customers. Shoppers must currently own a Kindle or have downloaded the Kindle application for their computers, iPads, iPods, or Android devices in order to purchase and read these books.[5]
    • Since the Top 100 Free list only shows the free Kindle books most customers are downloading, shoppers may be interested in finding more free downloads for the Kindle. In’s customer forums, there are updated lists of the free Kindle books available at any given time.[6]
  • Everyday, offers a "Kindle Daily Deals" section that shows a discounted price for a select Kindle title. These offers may range from 99 cents to $3.99 per download. Additionally, there is a section called "100 Books for $3.99 or less," listing 100 Kindle Books available for a discounted rate at any given time.[7]
  • Goodreads offers an entire section on "Free Kindle Books" for consumers to download. Consumers are able to access these freebies by signing up for Goodreads through Facebook.[8]
  • The official Guttenberg website offers a select number of free Kindle books. These freebies are either published prior to 1923 (which means the copyright has expired) or books whose authors have provided their work at no cost as part of a promotion.[9]

Amazon Kindle Commercial

Features a 2007 video introducing the Kindle when it was brand new

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