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Iams is a brand of dog and cat food that offers a variety of products. Free Iams samples are available for many of these products, and can be obtained through the official Iams' website, pet food stores, and veterinarians.

Many pet owners prefer to try out free dog food and cat food samples on their animals before spending money on bulk quantities of pet food. One reason is because some dogs and cats are picky, and will not eat certain brands of food. Another reason is that some foods upset an animal's digestive system, so free samples allow pet owners to make sure the food works for their animals before purchasing certain brands of food.


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Offered by Iams
Types of free samples Dog food and cat food
Phone number 800-675-3849
Limitations One sample of each product per household
Coupon required? Most Iams samples do not require a coupon
Author Allison Hughes

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Iams Samples and Free Offers

  • Some veterinarians team up with Iams to offer free samples of the brand's dog food and cat food. Consumers interested in obtaining these free samples can ask their vet directly.
  • Customers can get free samples and coupons for Iams' products from Proctor and Gamble's official P&G Everyday Solutions website. Consumers must first sign up for the free P&G brandSAMPLER program to get access to these free samples and coupon offers.[1]
  • Customers may be able to get free samples of Iams products by requesting them directly. This can be done by calling 800-675-3849 or contacting Iams by email.
  • Consumers can follow Iams on Twitter or "Like" the pet food brand on Facebook to learn about exclusive news, free samples, and promotional coupons as they become available.[2]
  • Throughout the year, stores like Wal-Mart and Target may occasionally offer free samples of Iams products.
  • Consumers can sign up for the free Iams for Life eNewsletter and receive coupons, special offers, and product news by e-mail.[3]
  • Coupons for Iams products may also be available inside local coupon mailers, or through weekly ad supplements for pet food stores or retailers that sell the brand. This may include stores like Petco and Petsmart, or grocers like Gelsen's.

Iams Cat Food Commercial

Iams Cat Food Commercial

About Iams

Iams is a leading manufacturer of dog and cat food, and operates on the mission of being "committed to helping dogs and cats live long, healthy lives through innovative nutrition that makes a difference." Since Iams was first introduced in 1946, it has continued to evolve, and today offers a large selection of dog food and cat food. Dog food and cat food products offered by Iams include, but are not limited to:

  • ProActive Health
  • Healthy Naturals
  • Premium Protection
  • Veterinary Formula
  • Canned Dog Food
  • Biscuits, Treats & Savory Sauces


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