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Free gum samples are available for such chewing gum brands as Wrigleys, Trident, Extra, Dentyne, and more. These samples are available to order from the gum brand's official website, or from stores like Walmart and Target. In addition to free samples, coupons for gum also help consumers save on their next gum purchase. Gum is available to purchase from pharmacies, grocery stores, retail stores, candy stores, and gumball machines.

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Offered by Official gum brand websites, sample blogs, retail stores like Walmart, etc.
Types of free gum samples Wrigley, Extra, Trident, etc.[1]
Time restrictions Samples take 2-8 weeks for delivery, depending on the product
Limitations One free product sample per mailing address, must be a U.S. resident, must be over the age of 18[2]
Coupon required? No
Author Allison Hughes

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About Gum

Chewing gum has been in existence since the days of the ancient Greeks and Mayans, but was not patented until December 28, 1869, by the dentist William Finley Semple. Then, in 1871, the first machine to manufacture chewing gum was patented by Thomas Adams.[3] Since that time, chewing gum has evolved to encompass a variety of brands, including popular brands like:[4]

  • Wrigley's Spearmint
  • Orbit
  • Trident
  • Eclipse
  • Hubba Bubba
  • Extra
  • Stride
  • Juicy Fruit
  • Doublemint
  • Stride

Gum Samples and Free Offers

  • The official website of various gum brands may offer free samples on their site. While a free sample offer may not always be posted directly on the site, those who wish to try a brand may request a sample directly by e-mail, or contact customer service to request a sample.
  • The official site of gum brands usually offer an online newsletter or e-club. Members of these receive access to product news, coupons, samples, and promotional offers by e-mail. It is free to sign up for these newsletters on the brand's official website. This includes brands like Stride.[5]
  • Various gum brands operate their own Twitter feed and Facebook page, providing fans and followers with access to product news, promotions, discounts, free samples, contests, and coupons. Brands like Extra occasionally operate giveaways, giving away free Extra as well as other gifts.[6] Stride gum also offers contests, giving away money to winning participants.[7]
  • Stores like Walmart offer free gum samples at various times throughout the year. These samples are available online through Walmart's instoresnow section of the store's official website or in-store. Online samples may take between 4-12 weeks to arrive by standard mail. Samples that may be offered in-store include Orbit Wintermint and Stride Spark gum.[8] [9] Walmart occasionally offers printable gum coupons for brands like Extra Winterfresh on their official website as well.[10]
  • Printable coupons for dollars off select gum brands are available from pharmacies like Walgreens. Savings are sometimes offered for brands like Nicorette Gum.
  • Certain dentists may offers free samples of select gum brands upon request.[11]

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Chewing Gum Information

Learn about the history of chewing gum.

Gum Health Benefits

In addition to providing flavor and amusement, chewing gum can actually help to improve the health. Sugar-free gum often contains an ingredient called xylitol, which combats acids in food and beverages and thus helps protect tooth enamel from erosion. In addition, saliva is excreted into the mouth during chewing, which fortifies teeth with nutrients and helps to further fight erosion.[12]

Some research also suggests that chewing gum may help curb cravings for food, making it an effective aid in weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan.[13]

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