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Flu shots help reduce the risk of getting influenza, a respiratory illness that can be serious for the very young, the elderly, and those with chronic health conditions.[1] Flu shots also help reduce sick days and illness in the general population. The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of six months should get a flu vaccine.[2] Free flu shot clinics provide access to flu shots to uninsured or under insured patients.

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Offered by Local boards of health, pharmacies, hospital clinics
Types of flu shots available Vaccines that are injected, inhaled FluMist
Average flu shot cost $29.99[3]
Available Annually, beginning in October
Eligibility The uninsured, under-insured, unemployed, low-income, senior citizens, patients with chronic health conditions[3]
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Flu Shot Background

The vaccine in both the seasonal flu shot and the nasal spray contain an inactivated flu virus. The flu vaccine changes annually, and is designed to protect against the strains of flu viruses that are expected for the upcoming season. The vaccines work by causing antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination.[2]

Free Flu Shot Clinics and Offers

  • Local boards of health periodically hold free flu shot clinics during the fall and early winter. Some clinics ask that consumers bring their health insurance information if they are insured, but the shots may be provided regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.[4]
  • Some businesses offer free flu shot clinics on-site for employees, retirees, and family members. These businesses hope to reduce the number of sick days caused by the flu and offer the shot free of charge, or at a significantly reduced rate.
  • Some pharmacies may also offer free or discounted flu shots to customers that make a minimum purchase.[5] For the 2012 flu shot season, for example, CVS is offered consumers whose insurance does not cover the flu shot a free $5 CVS gift card.[6] CVS also offers free high-dose flu shots to seniors age 65 and over that have Medicare Part B.[7]
  • Direct Relief USA is a non-profit organization that assists the uninsured and unemployed patients in accessing free medicine. Direct Relief has partnered with CVS and Walgreens to provide $5 million worth of flu shots free to eligible patients. In order to benefit from this program, an eligible individual needed to get a voucher from their local board of health. These vouchers can then be taken to participating CVS and Walgreens locations and redeemed to cover the cost of a flu shot.[3]

Free Flu Shot Information

Free flu shot information and past locations for service.

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