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Eukanuba is a dog and cat food brand offered by Procter and Gamble Pet Care. Eukanuba, which means "supreme" or "the tops" in jazz culture, was founded in 1969 and is sold to pet food stores and veterinarians.[1] Eukanuba coupons and discounts help save consumers money on their next purchase of the pet food. Discounts are available to member's of the brand's free e-mail list. Printable coupons may also be available for Eukanuba and other pet food brands from various pet food stores.

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Company Procter and Gamble Pet Care
Sold at Petco, Petsmart, veterinarians' offices, etc.
Phone number 800-423-6036
Competitors Breeders Choice, Hill's Science Diet, Purina
Types of coupons Printable coupons, weekly ads, etc.
Author Allison Hughes

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About Eukanuba

Eukanuba offers consumers a variety of dry and canned dog and cat food to choose from, including such cat formula flavors as chicken, lamb and rice, hairball relief, weight control, weight control and hairball relief, entree with Pacific salmon, and entree with gourmet chicken. Dog food products, as well as cat food products, come in formulas for kittens or puppies, adults, and seniors, with dog food products also available for specific breeds.[2] [3]

In addition to the numerous pet food options, Eukanuba also offers customers a variety of services. This includes product reviews, detailed nutritional information, pet testimonials, pet food guides, and Eukanuba sponsored events.[4]

Eukanuba Coupons

  • Eukanuba operates their own Twitter feed and Facebook page, each one providing consumers with access to information on product news, discounts, and promotional deals.[5]
  • The Eukanuba e-mail list notifies subscribers of special offers, promotions, and news articles about pets by e-mail. It is free to sign up for the e-mail list on the official Eukanuba website.[6]
  • The official Eukanuba website offers free screensaver and wallpaper downloads tailored towards dogs and cats.[7]
  • Weekly ad circulars for pet food stores like Petco offer discounts for their various products, including Eukanuba.[8]
  • Pet food stores like Petsmart offer coupons and deals on their official website, some of which may be for discounted Eukanuba products. Petsmart also offers discounts on shipping.[9]

Eukanuba Commercial

Eukanuba Commercial

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