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Duncraft coupons and codes provide dollars off and percentages off savings to customers. Offers include free and discounted shipping deals, printed coupons to members of the Duncraft Food Club, and occasional offers through third-party coupon websites.


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Company Duncraft
Phone number 888-879-5095
Competitors Petco,, The Backyard Bird Company
Types of coupons Coupon codes, printed coupons, shipping discounts
AAA discount? No
AARP discount? No
Military discount? No
Author Allison Hughes

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Duncraft Coupons and Codes

  • Duncraft offers coupons and promo codes under the Duncraft Coupons section on the store's official website. Offers include dollars off and percentages off orders over a specified amount. The link is at the bottom of the site, under Resources. The codes need to be added manually, even though they are listed on the site, they are not automatically applied to an order.[1]
  • Duncraft sponsors a $250 shopping spree several times throughout the year. Enrollment for the contest is available on the official Duncraft website.[2]
  • Duncraft's Facebook page and Twitter feed provide fans and followers with store news and may occasionally publish coupons and promotional offers.[3]
  • The Duncraft e-newsletter notifies subscribers of information on new products, contests, and sales. This includes sales for percentages off select products. The newsletter also provides subscribers with special deals, discounts, and coupons, as well as 22 birdfeeding tips at no charge.[3]
  • The Duncraft Food Club is a free service that features numerous perks for members, including 10 percent off every food order and a welcome package that includes Duncraft coupons and a free bird feeding chart.[4]
  • Duncraft regularly offers coupons in its mail order catalogs.
  • Third-party retailers such as Sears may occasionally offer specific coupons for Duncraft products.

About Duncraft

Duncraft is a manufacturer of bird feeding products that sells its line online, by phone and mail order, through third-party retailers, and in its factory outlet store in Concord, New Hampshire. The company was started in 1952 by Gil Dunn, and today offers products through its catalog, online store, retail store, and in specialty stores throughout the United States.[5]

Duncraft sells customers a wide variety of birding supplies that include bird houses, feeders, baths, assorted bird seeds, brackets, poles, squirrel guards and baffles, bird seed blocks, and other bird accessories. Duncraft also offers customers a catalog, secure online shopping, desktop calendar, testimonials by customers, an online help desk, and gift cards.[6]

Duncraft Commercial

Duncraft Commercial

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