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Duck Tours, sometimes called Ride the Ducks, are offered in numerous U.S. cities as well as in destinations throughout Australia and England. Duck Tours, which take place on reconditioned World War II amphibious landing vehicles known as DUKWs, allow passengers to view both land and water attractions in a city without switching vehicles.[1]

Duck Tours coupons and discounts can save consumers on the overall cost of a ticket. Special discounts are sometimes extended to seniors, as well as groups of 10-20 or more people. Package deals may also be available for Ride the Ducks and other area attractions or hotels.


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Offered by Many companies, including Super Duck Tours, Duck Tours, Ride the Ducks
Locations WOrldwide, including Boston, Galveston, Washington, DC, Miami, San Francisco, Portland, Branson, Wisconsin Dells
Phone number 678-993-1920 (Ride the Tours)
Features Tours a city or town's sites by land and water, offering facts about the city's history
Types of coupons Senior and group discounts, package deals
Author Allison Hughes

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Duck Tours Coupons and Free Offers

  • Consumers can get special Duck Tour discount offers by following specific city Duck Tours on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes, exclusive offers are extended to fans and followers.
  • Consumers can check out the official website of the Duck Tours they plan on visiting, and access a variety of savings opportunities. For example, most Duck Tours offer an online newsletter or e-club that customers can sign up for. In turn, they will receive special printable coupon offers, promotional deals, and news by e-mail.[2]
    • The official website may also have a section designated for Special Offers. These may include package deals with other area attractions. For example, Ride The Ducks Branson offers package deals with the Titanic Museum and Dixie Stampede.[3] Some Duck Tours offer package deals with area hotels as well, including Boston Duck Tours.[2]
    • Most Duck Tours offer special rates for groups and seniors. Information can be found on the official website of individual Duck Tours, but group discounts are usually available for at least 10-20 or more people. Discounts include dollars off the regular price.[2]
    • Duck Tour discounts may be available on the first and last tour of the day.[4]
  • Local tourism sites may have Duck Tour coupons. For example, the official Galveston Tourism site,, includes a $500 coupon book with hotel reservations made through the bureau. The coupon book includes a coupon for $2 off the ticket price for each person, or a $10.05 discount on one 30 minute ride.[5]

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Duck Tours Coupons

Duck Tours Coupons

About Duck Tours

Duck Tours are available in numerous U.S. cities, including Branson, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Portland, Washington DC, and Wisconsin Dells, and Seattle. Duck Tours are independently owned and operated, so prices may vary by location and tour operator.

Originally built in 1942, the DUKW was designed for use in World War II as a means of delivering cargo from sea-faring ships to the land. Today, the DUKW is known in the tourist world as a DUCK. It is used to take tourists on a sightseeing tour of cities and towns located on the water.[6] Although some people credit Boston Duck Tours as the first of its kind, Duck Tours existed in the Midwest prior to that. In 1977, for example, Bob McDowell began Ride the Ducks in Branson, Missouri.[7] [8] Today, the Branson Ride the Ducks is owned and operated by Herschend Family Entertainment, which also operates the Duck Tours in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Newport, and San Francisco.

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