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Diaper coupons provide customers with BOGO and dollars off discounts on their next diaper purchase. Discounts are offered on such diaper brands as Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and Earth's Best. Diaper coupons may be offered online through the brand's official website, through weekly advertising circulars for pharmacies and grocery stores, or through coupon mailers. Some coupon offers may be offered from the manufacturer, while other offers may come from a specific retailer.


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Offered by Official diaper brand websites, store websites, weekly ad circulars
Brands Huggies, Pampers, Luvs
Sold at Grocery stores, pharmacies, toy stores, retail stores
Types of coupons Dollars off, percentages off, buy one, get one free
Limitations Most coupons expire, and limit customers to how many items each coupon can be applied towards
Author Allison Hughes

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Diaper Coupons and Free Offers

  • Huggies posts coupons directly to their consumer website. These coupons are accessible by selecting the "Coupons" icon on the main page.[1] Huggies also offers a "Special Offers" section, providing information on rebate offers and contests available for Huggies products.[2] In addition, Huggies offers a "Rewards" program for customers, providing a system for earning points, receiving exclusive member deals, and a chance to win prizes.[3] Once signed up for the free program, members are able to get rewards points off the packages of diapers and wipes that they buy. This code can be entered under the "Rewards Code" section of the official Huggies website to start earning freebies and discounts on purchases.[4]
  • Pampers has an online community called Pampers Village, and those who join are sent coupons for Pampers diapers, as well as a newsletter that is only available to community members, as well as special offers throughout the year. It is free to join by clicking on the "Sign Up" icon on the main Pampers page.[5]
  • Luvs offers a "Coupons and Offers" section on its official website, providing coupons and discounts to customers who sign up for the diaper brand's free "Luvs Network." Upon joining, consumers are sent a $1 off coupon.[6] In addition, Luvs gives away a year's worth of free diapers each month. In order to be eligible, customers must become a fan and sign up through the brand's Facebook page. Fans are able to enter once a day.[7]
  • Luvs also offers a free ipod, iPad, and iPhone app game called the Luvs iPhone PoopDeck game.[8]
  • Pull-Ups brand potty training diapers offers printable coupons to visitors of their website. These are posted under the "Promotions" link under the "Online Coupons" section. Once there, customers will need to sign up to receive the printable coupons.[9] Customers also have the opportunity to sign up for the brand's "Rewards" program through the official Pull-Ups website. Once signed up, customers are able to enter rewards codes online to get discounts and freebies. These codes are printed on various packages of Pull-Ups products.[10]
  • Coupons for various diaper brands are sometimes published inside parenting magazines and in coupon inserts in local papers.

Disposable Diaper Information

Disposable Diaper Information

About Diapers

Disposable diapers were not available until the 1940s, but at that time they were an expensive luxury item. Cloth diapers were the primary protection used to help with a baby's accidents. Prior to cloth diapers, other protection was used, including skins from animals, leaves, and moss.[11]

Beginning in the 1950s, and extending through the 1990s, disposable diapers gained prominence and went through an evolution. Today, there are a variety of different diaper brands and styles.[11] Companies offering diapers include Pampers, Luvs, GoodNites, and Huggies.[12] Types of diapers include cruisers, swaddlers, swaddlers sensitive, baby dry diapers, extra protection diapers, and easy-up trainers for boys and girls.[13]


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