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Cloth diaper coupons and codes make it easier for parents to afford the cost of cloth diapering their infants. While cloth diapers are usually less expensive than disposable diapers in the long run, the initial cost of setting up a cloth diaper stash can be a bit high. Coupons and discounts are available from specific cloth diaper brands such as Thirsties, FuzziBunz, and Grovia and retailers such as Many online cloth diaper boutiques also feature online coupon codes that are good for free shipping on select purchases and free samples with orders that exceed a certain amount.

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Manufacturers Several, including Thirsties, Grovia, GoodMama, and bumGenius
Sold at Online retailers and cloth diaper boutiques
Phone number Thirsties: 888-315-2330; Grovia: 877-899-BABY; bumGenius: 888-332-2243
Types of coupons Online promo codes, free shipping, discounted products
Limitations Coupon codes may only be available on select products or for a limited time
Author Selena Robinson

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About Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are available in several types, including AIOs, prefolds, AI2s, fitteds, and pockets. Each type works differently and can be used with babies from the newborn stage to potty learning.[1]

  • AIOs - Also called all-in-ones, these diapers are made of an inner soaker layer, an external waterproof layer, and a snap-in or a lay-in soaker.
  • AI2s - These diapers, called all-in-twos, work similarly to all-in-ones. The only difference is that the inner soaker layer is detachable, which makes it possible to dry the diapers faster.
  • Prefolds - Usually the most economical diapers, these are the basic cloth diapers that have been in use for generations. They are often made of cotton or hemp and are tri-folded and pinned around the baby. Prefolds require the use of a separate waterproof cover.
  • Fitteds - Fitted diapers typically use snaps or velcro for closures and require a separate waterproof cover. Often made with plush fabrics, fitted diapers may be available in specific sizes only or in one-size styles, which means that parents can use the same diaper for babies of all ages.
  • Pockets - Pocket diapers are usually the simplest for parents to wash and dry, since they consist of two separate layers. The pocket is generally made of an external waterproof layer and an inner layer but the edge of the diaper is left open so that parents can insert the kind of soaker they prefer.

Cloth Diaper Coupons and Codes

  • The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, a semi-annual cloth diaper online promotion, features giveaways and discounts for shoppers who sign up for the contest. Customers look for hidden icons on cloth diapering retailer websites and are entered for a chance to win free diapers and supplies from sponsors. Diaper boutiques who are involved in the promotion provide special online promo codes for "hunters" to use during the contest.[2]
  • Kelly's Closet, a mom-owned diaper boutique, regularly offers online coupons for shoppers. Promo codes are listed on the website under the "Coupons" section.[3] Customers who sign up to receive email offers from Kelly's Closet receive a 10 percent off coupon.[4] All offers of $49 or more qualify for free shipping.[5]
  • Eden's Baby, which is owned and operated by a work-at-home mom, features a 10 percent discount for members of the U.S. military, teachers, firefighters, police officers, and rescue workers with the promo code "Military". Parents who participate in the WIC program qualify for a five percent discount. Shoppers must provide proof of their eligibility for these codes.[6]
  • Cotton Babies offers free economy shipping on all online orders.[7]
  • The Diaper Jungle offers a free wetbag and a cloth diaper detergent sample with the purchase of select cloth diaper trial kits. All orders of at least $99 also qualify for free shipping.[8]

Cloth Diaper Product Review

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