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Patient assistance programs offered through Pfizer, Inc. can provide free Celebrex for qualified patients for up to a year. In addition, free samples of Celebrex may be available through your doctor or pharmacist, good for several weeks or months of medicine. Additionally, Celebrex coupons may occasionally become available through the official Celebrex website, or you can get discounts through pharmacy prescription drug programs.

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Offered by Pfizer, Inc.
Types of Free Offers Samples, patient assistance programs, coupons
Where to Find Free Offers Patient's doctor, pharmacy, Pfizer, Inc., official Celebrex website
Phone number 888-678-2692
Limitations Patient assistance programs usually require that patients not have insurance coverage for prescription drugs, meet certain income guidelines, and be a resident or live in the United States or one of her territories
Disclaimer The information provided by is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Do not take any action based on the information on this page without consulting a physician.
Author Allison Hughes

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About Celebrex

Celebrex is an FDA approved prescription medication used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as acute pain in adults. The medication is intended to provide 24-hour relief from pain, inflammation and stiffness.[1]

Celebrex inhibits the production of the Cyclooxygenase-2, or COX-2, enzyme, which is part of the process that produces pain and inflammation.

Drug Coupon Information

Learn about how to find and make use of various drug coupons for both over-the-counter and prescription medications like Celebrex.

Celebrex Samples, Patient Assistance Programs, Coupons and Free Offers

  • Free Celebrex samples are one way patients can obtain free Celebrex medication. Patients can ask their doctor or pharmacist about obtaining free samples of the arthritis drug. Pfizer, Inc. will often provide doctors with free samples of their new and existing medications. Additional information on free Celebrex samples can be found here.
  • Patient assistance programs are another way Celebrex patients can get their medicine for free. Pfizer Helpful Answers offers Celebrex through several of their assistance programs, including Connection To Care, MAINTAIN, and Pfizer Pfriends. To learn more about these programs and who is eligible, see the Pharmacy Drug Guide's page on Celebrex patient assistance programs.
  • Coupons and special offers for Celebrex may be offered from time to time on the official Celebrex website, or inside national medical or healthcare magazines. The official website offers a Celebrex Savings Card to qualified individuals. It can save patients up to $15 on each prescription for up to six prescriptions. To learn more, see the official Celebrex website.[2]
  • Pharmacies may also have information on discount offers and coupons on prescription Celebrex. For example, Walgreens offers a prescription savings card for $20 a year. The card provides patients with discounted medicine for over 8,000 generic and brand name medications. Celebrex may be offered at a discount to card-holders.[3]

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