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Angry Birds is manufactured by the media company Rovio Entertainment, Ltd., which is based out of Finland. The company released Angry Birds in 2009, describing it as a "casual puzzle game for touchscreen smartphones." Since then, the concept has grown beyond the game, and includes a variety of merchandise as well.[1] [2] The objective of Angry Birds is to use a virtual slingshot to fling the birds into structures to either free caged birds or strike green pigs. The birds’ quest is to seek revenge against the pigs for stealing their eggs.

Free Angry Birds downloads provide users with free editions of the internationally best-selling game on the Internet and application stores. Since the game was introduced, more than 700 million downloads, both free and paid, have been accessed. When Angry Birds Space was initially released, 50 million downloads were recorded in only 35 days.[2]

Angry birds1.jpg
Flickr: pmsyyz
Manufactured by Rovio Entertainment, Ltd.
Phone number +358 45 1342965
Available from iTunes, Amazon
Types of downloads iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android
Limitations Offers may only be available for a limited time only, and may have pop up ads
Author Selena Robinson

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About Angry Birds

The game Angry Birds is available as an application on several electronic gadgets, including the iPad, the iPod, the iPhone, Android devices, Palm smartphones, and the Barnes & Noble Nook.[3] There are several versions of Angry Birds, including Angry Birds, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Space.[4]

Free Angry Birds Downloads

Both iTunes and the Amazon AppStore offer free editions of Angry Birds for download. Usually the free editions of the game include periodic pop-up advertisements from third-party companies.

  • The application store iTunes offers a no-cost version of Angry Birds for download to Apple devices. The game is called "Angry Birds Free," and on April 11, 2012, version 1.4.0 was released. In this edition, the angry birds are having their second birthday, and their party is being disrupted by the pigs. The objective is to save the party. The file size on this version is 15.6 MB, and it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices that are iOS 4.0 or later.[5]
  • The iTunes store offers "Angry Birds Space HD Free." Version 1.2.2 was released on July 4, 2012. This version is 16.5 MG, and requires iOS 4.2 or later. It is compatible with iPad.[6]
  • iTunes also provides the game “Angry Birds Rio Free” for free download to Apple devices such as the iPhone. In this edition of the game, the Angry Birds have been transported to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The file size is 17.7 MB, and is compatible with iOS 4.0 or later for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.[7]
  • The game “Angry Birds Seasons” is available for free download in the iTunes store. This version of the game includes seasonal themes such as Spring, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day. Released on April 20 of 2011, this version is 15.5 MB and is also compatible with iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone devices for iOS 4.0 and greater.[8]
  • In the Amazon AppStore, a free edition of the game "Angry Birds Free" is available for download at no cost. The application must be downloaded to an Android device in order to play the game.[9]
  • "Angry Birds Space Free" is also available in the Amazon store at no cost for Android platforms.[10]
  • Occasionally, Amazon may offer other versions of Angry Birds for free download. In March of 2011, for example, the AppStore featured a free version of the game "Angry Birds Rio" for download to Android devices. This version was available for one day only.[11]

Angry Birds In-game Trailer

This short video trailer for Angry Birds appears during gameplay.

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