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Android device users can download free Android apps from several sources, including Verizon,, and Google Play market. These apps are designed to be used on multiple Android devices, including tablets, traditional cell phones, and smartphones. Apps are available in a number of categories such as utilities, productivity, entertainment, music, and social networking.

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Flickr: fsse8info
Manufacturers Rovio Mobile, Google, Adobe Systems, and others
Sold at, Google Play, Verizon, Sprint
Method of delivery Online download
Competitors iPhone apps, iPod apps
Limitations Some applications may only be available for select devices.
Author Selena Robinson

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About Android Apps

Android apps are programs that can be downloaded on Android devices. These devices include tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7, as well as smartphones such as the Motorola Droid and the Samsung Galaxy.[1][2] Most apps can be downloaded in less than a minute and can be shut down at any time.[3]

Android Apps Coupons and Free Offers

Google Play Market

  • Android cell phone and tablet users can download thousands of free Android apps in the Google Play Market, an online marketplace which features both paid and free apps. Customers can browse free apps by selecting the "Android Apps" link on the left and then following the "Top Free" header on the following page.[4] In the Google Play Market, apps are grouped into several categories, including
    • Games – includes best-selling games such as Angry Birds and Words With Friends[5]
    • Books & Reference – includes the Amazon Kindle app,, and Wikipedia[6]
    • Entertainment – features apps such as Netflix, Flixster, and ringtone providers[7]
    • Finance – money management and tax applications such as TurboTax and H&R Block, as well as bank apps including Bank of America and Wells Fargo[8]
    • Health & Fitness – free fitness and diet tracking apps, including Weight Watchers[9]
    • Music & Audio – includes mp3 providers such as Rhapsody, Real Player, and Spotify[10]
    • Shopping – apps that allow users to browse online shopping sites such as Groupon, eBay, and[11]
    • Social – includes apps for popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter[12]

Amazon Appstore features over 30,000 Android apps for download in its Appstore.[13] Each day, the company also offers a different paid app for free. These apps can be downloaded on any Android smartphone or tablet, as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire.[14] Along with its promotional free apps, the Appstore provides many free Android apps for download every day. The "Free Apps" link on the left of the Appstore menu displays all of the available free Android apps on the website.[15]

Verizon Appstore

Verizon Wireless features many free applications in its appstore for users. These apps are grouped by category and can be downloaded on any Verizon smartphone.[16]

Top Free Android Apps

A tech reviewer gives his list of the best free Android apps

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