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American Eagle Outfitters sells clothing, footwear, and accessories for men and women ages 15-25. The store also offers customers a variety of service options, including an online store, American Eagle credit cards, a rewards program, gift cards, a Facebook page, an e-mail list, and more.[1] Customers can save money on their next shopping trip to the store by using American Eagle coupons and discounts. Free shipping codes are available at various times throughout the year, and can be accessed through the official website for use on the online store. Additional savings are available to members of the store's rewards program, as well as those that sign up for e-mail updates.

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Offered by American Eagle Outfitters
Locations 920+ locations[1]
Competitors Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Express, Inc.[2]
Phone number 888-232-4535
Types of coupons Dollars off, percentages off savings, free shipping codes
Limitations Most offers are available for a limited time only
Author Allison Hughes

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About American Eagle

American Eagle Outfitters started out as a store offering outdoor gear, but has since evolved into a casual apparel and accessories store, with most locations inside malls. The American Eagle brand also offers a children's retail chain called 77kids, and in 2011 employed 39,900 employees, and operated over 920 locations.[3] [1]

American Eagle Coupons and Free Offers

  • Consumers can sign up to receive free e-mail updates from American Eagle. This includes special offers and store news, some of which may be exclusive to subscribers.[1]
  • Customers can sign up for the free AERewards card, and start earning rewards points today. For every $1 spent at American Eagle, 77kids, and Aerie, consumers will receive one point. After three months, points are totaled and rewards mailed directly to consumers. 100 rewards points entitle customers to 15 percent off on their next visit, 200 points allow customers to save 20 percent, 350 points equal a 30 percent savings, and 500 points equal a 40 percent savings. In addition, customers receive 15 percent off all purchases made during the month of their birthday.[4]
  • American Eagle offers both a Twitter feed and a Facebook page. Consumers can follow America Eagle's Twitter feed, or "Like" the store on Facebook, and find out about news, special offers, and contests hosted by American Eagle.[5]
  • Throughout the year, American Eagle offers free shipping discounts. Some of these offers require customers spend a certain amount of money, while other free shipping deals may require consumers purchase a specific item, such as a pair of shoes.[1]
  • Customers can check out the Clearance section on the official American Eagle website, and save up to 50 percent on select items.[6] In addition, consumers can save on in-store sales at various times throughout the year.

Commercial for American Eagle Outfitters

Commercial for American Eagle Outfitters

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