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Grocery coupons are available at independent groceries such as IGA, as well as nationwide chains such as Publix and Kroger. Coupons may be offered for food items and produce, but may also be available for use on purchases of toiletries and cleaning supplies. Printable grocery coupons are published on store websites and coupon aggregates. Customers may also receive grocery coupons by mail or in their weekly newspapers and ad circulars.

Wikimedia Commons: Vpuliva
Offered by Grocery stores such as Meijer, Publix, and Albertsons
Phone numbers Meijer: 1-877-E-MEIJER, Publix: 1-800-242-1227, Albertsons: 1-877-X-EASY-4-U
Locations Across the U.S.
Types of coupons Percentage off coupons, dollars off purchases
Limitations Coupons may only be valid on select items or purchases over a certain amount.
Author Selena Robinson

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Grocery Store Coupons

Printable grocery store coupons are available from the official websites of supermarkets and grocery chains. Publix advertises a new selection of printable coupons on its website every week. Shoppers must print the coupons and bring them to the store in order to redeem the savings. Deals may include cents off a certain number of items. The store also publishes a mystery coupon item in its sale paper that allows customers to buy a select Publix brand product for just one penny.[1]

Digital grocery coupons are also available. Kroger publishes digital coupons on its website each week that include savings on produce, packaged food, and frozen food items. Shoppers can load the coupons onto their Kroger Plus card and receive instant discounts at checkout when they purchase the specified items. Customers must create a free Kroger account in order to use the coupons.[2]

Grocery Store Samples

Many grocery stores offer free samples of food and personal care items from time to time. Samples are especially prevalent during the holiday season when supermarkets may be debuting special holiday-themed food or recipes. For example, Publix features its Apron recipes series where cooks prepare a different entree inside the stores each week. Shoppers are free to try samples of these entrees as they are cooked. Free recipe cards of each meal are also provided in stores.[3] Shopping clubs and wholesale stores such as Sam's Club and Costco may also offer free samples of food regularly, particularly in the frozen food section.[4]

Grocery Store Rewards Clubs

Rewards clubs allow shoppers to save even more on their groceries. At Meijer, shoppers can enroll in the free mPerks club in order to access exclusive coupons for selected items weekly. These coupons can often be used in addition to manufacturers' coupons, giving customers an even bigger discount on their grocery bill. Shoppers may also earn rewards on their purchases that they can use on future trips to the store.[5]

Ways to Save with Grocery Coupons

Suggestions for how shoppers can save on their groceries with grocery coupons