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Many retail, grocery, department, convenience, online stores and drug stores offer customers free samples of their products throughout the year. Free product samples may be given away as part of a promotional campaign, or to introduce a new product, and include items like makeup, shampoo, food, music, over-the-counter drugs, bath and body products, and more. Stores that regularly offer free samples include Walmart and Kroger.

Some stores offer their free product samples in-store only, while other stores offer their free samples exclusively online, or both online and in-store. Free samples sent by mail can usually be requested on the store's official website by filling out a short request form. Samples generally take 2 to 6 weeks for standard shipping.

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Offered by Department stores, grocery stores, drug stores
Types of product samples Food, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning products
Stores offering free samples Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, Target
Limitations Some samples are only available for a limited amount of time
Coupon required? Not typically
Author Allison Hughes

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Walmart Free Samples

Walmart offers free samples in retail locations as well as through postal mail. The company lists products available for sampling on their official website, and clicking on the Free Samples link on the homepage will lead consumers to the latest sample collection. Samples are only available while supplies last, and there are not always samples available.[1]

Free Store Samples - Beauty Products

This video provides information on free beauty product samples from stores like Sephora and Walmart. The video provides a review of some of these product samples, and discusses the actual products and how much of the product is included in each sample.

Target Samples

Target allows consumers to order samples online via their official website. Performing a site search for the term "samples" will direct consumers to the appropriate page. Any sample options will appear with a Request Sample button, and consumers must have cookies enabled in their browsers to order samples. Each household may only order one of each product to sample.[2]

Costco Samples

Costco is offering free samples of Venus Embrace or Venus Spa razors and Breathe Right Nasal Strips through their official website. In order to receive the samples, consumers must be members of Costco and provide a member ID number. To order, consumers click on the product that interests them and then choose GET A SAMPLE.[3]