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There are many entertainment attractions that cater specifically to children and families, including zoos, public aquariums, museums, select amusement parks, and more. Throughout the year, these venues will offer free coupons and discounts to the public, as well as free admission or buy one, get one free deals on select days. Parents looking for ways to save money on their family entertainment may be interested in learning more about these free kids attractions.

There are many places online that offer information on discount coupons for kids attractions, including the official website for the attraction that consumers are most interested in visiting. Another good freebie resource is the local newspaper, or local radio and television stations.

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Offered by Nonprofit groups, corporate sponsors
Locations Museums, aquariums, theaters, parks
Ticket sources Radio stations, schools, newspapers, Internet
Limitations Purchase may be required, some are only free on certain days
Coupon required? Sometimes
Author Allison Hughes

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Types of Free Kids Attractions

There are many types of attractions that are geared toward children and their families. Listed below are just some of the attractions that cater to kids and offer discounts and deals throughout the year.

Zoos usually have a free membership program, and for one up front price entitle members free admission for the rest of the year. Family memberships are usually available as well. Some zoos have free admission to all patrons, all year round. The National Zoo in Washington, DC, the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago and Cape May Zoo in New Jersey are three examples.[1]

Public Aquariums also provide individual and family memberships to patrons. Additional dollars off coupons are usually available at various times throughout the year.

Amusement Parks offer individual and family season passes, as well as special deals throughout the year. These may include buy one, get one free specials, and dollars off deals.

Childrens Museums are another venue that offers individual and family memberships, as well as special free days at the museum.[2]

Childrens Museum

This video highlights the DuPage Children's Museum in Chicago, discussing the importance of the museum.

Free Days

Many museums, concert halls and theaters offer free or drastically reduced entry for kid's attractions on select days or during certain hours. For example, Target sponsors free family events at locations such as the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art, or LACMA, the Congo Square Theatre in Chicago and the Boston Children's Museum.[3]



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