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Free food is offered by restaurants as a promotion, and can be earned by participating in a rewards program. Food can be purchased for free by using grocery coupons and taking advantage of product samples. Free food is also distributed by food banks to those who are unable to afford their groceries on a regular basis.

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Offered by Restaurants, grocery stores, and charities, including Publix and Sam's Club
Locations Across the United States
Available For special promotions, events, and on an as-needed basis
Limitations Free food may be limited to a certain amount per customer.
Coupon required? Some free food offers may require a printed coupon.
Author Susan MacDowell

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About Free Food

Types of free food vary by the offer and the provider. Some grocery stores offer free food samples every day, while others only do so for select events or promotions. On food holidays such as National Cheesecake Day, restaurants that sell the specific item may provide free servings to customers. Other restaurants may hand out free food during a grand opening celebration or to announce the addition of a new menu item.

How to Find Free Food Offers

  • Grocery store samples - Grocery samples are a common method of offering free food. At grocery stores such as Publix, shoppers can try out free food by visiting the recipe table in the stores. Other stores such as Sam's Club offer free samples of packaged meals that are available for sale.
  • Restaurant promotions - Some restaurants feature free food on special event days. For example, Chick-fil-A holds its annual Cow Appreciation Day. During the event, the restaurant hands out free Chick-fil-A meals to customers who come dressed as cows.[1]
  • Special events - Free food offers are also available on birthdays. Dairy Queen features a free Dairy Queen Blizzard to Blizzard Fan Club members who come in on their birthdays.[2] Guests typically have to show a valid form of ID to claim the offer.
  • Coupons - On occasion, some free food offers are printed on coupons. At Krispy Kreme, customers who come to the restaurant and pick up an order of doughnuts get a sheet of printed coupons that include such offers as a free Krispy Kreme doughnut on their next visit. The company also sends out coupons for free doughnuts to customers who sign up for their "Friends of Krispy Kreme" email newsletter.[3]

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